Trends for product packaging

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Trends for product packaging

Already said the saying: the first impression is the one that stays. The packaging is responsible, in most cases, for the consumer’s first contact with the product. In this way, it is she who gives this first impression. In addition to the content preservation function, it should suit other very important issues such as the attractiveness and innovation of its design.
Trends in product packaging development reveal changing consumer interests and their new wants and needs. Therefore, in times of high competition in the market, companies need to be always following such trends, in order to ensure the most pleasant and attractive offers in the eyes of their customers.
To ensure the best acceptance of your brand in the competitive market, we list 7 current trends in the development of product packaging. Check out!

1. Digital Evolution
Technology develops more and more, and its evolution exerts influence on several scopes of professional and personal life. Using the possibilities generated by digital evolution as a strategy when developing new packaging for your products can be a good alternative to generate greater engagement of the target audience. An example of this evolution that has been very applied in recent times is digital printing.
The expansion of this technology is reaching new horizons beyond the common applications, offering diverse possibilities in the development of product packaging. One is the creation of opportunities to generate more consumer involvement with the brand, be it on a local, personal or emotional level. Customized packaging and limited editions tend to win over the public, for reasons of identification and exclusivity.

2. Sustainable, organic and artisanal packaging
It is extremely important to be able to meet all the needs of your customers. The current consumer is increasingly well informed, demanding and conscious. Therefore, a great alternative is to offer packaging that shows efficient solutions for environmental issues.
Sustainable packaging can, for example, allow the separation of materials to facilitate the process of selective collection and recycling. Using reusable packaging also helps you win more customers. In addition, a major trend for the development of packaging is bet on a craft and organic design. These ecological factors are decisive factors for purchase, especially in markets with high prices.

3. Transparency
As mentioned in the previous item, the current consumer is much more rigid. One of the most demanding requirements is to know – truthfully and clearly – the merchandise they are buying. Therefore, packaging needs to provide clear and accurate information about the product. More recurring in the food industry, is linked to inform the ingredients, nutritional table and safety attributes.
It is therefore necessary to communicate the main data of your product in the most transparent way possible, without forgetting to keep this communication clear, with cleaner and cleaner packaging, eliminating the risk of confusion.

4. Minimalism
The premise that “less is more” applies in several branches, especially those related to decoration. And it is no different in the area of ​​packaging development. As stated earlier, the consumer requires concise and clear information about the products that he buys. At the same time as it is interesting to provide the goods data, the packaging should be analyzed in order to avoid visual pollution. This problem can lead to communication failures, misinterpretation, and even customer rejection.

5. Flexible packaging
Flexible packaging is a new trend that is expanding more and more. Not long ago, they were considered even of lower quality. However, this stigma no longer exists. Now, consumers’ view on flexible packaging is that they are newer and more modern. Therefore, companies today have invested in this type of product packaging to demonstrate innovation before the market.
However, this trend will still change. It is predicted by experts that, in the near future, brands that care about the issue of innovation will turn their eyes to hybrid packaging. That is, packaging that is a strategic junction between rigid and flexible materials. And the goods packed in this way will be more noticeable on the shelves, as well as being more functional and offering environmental benefits.

6. Variable sizes
A major trend of current consumption is that of exclusivity. Consumers like products that appear to be “made for them,” suiting all their preferences, tastes and consumption habits. And this extends to the product packaging development branch.
Betting on packages with variable sizes is a good way to make the customer feel that that product is perfect for him. However, in order to invest in all this personalization, it is necessary first to carry out several surveys in order to better know your target audience, considering their daily life and the occasions in which it is inserted. This can increase customer loyalty to your brand.

7. Connected packaging
Another trend related to technology, this may still seem distant because it is not very common in the country. But it is a good bet for companies that invest in innovation. These new packages are connected by cell phones. However, they are different from the previous generation that had QR codes and texts not very attractive.
This revolution in the world of product packaging relies on low power Bluetooth and near field communication. The mobile environment is increasingly being seen as an innovative way to engage more connected consumers.
There is no denying that product packaging has a direct bearing on a brand’s image on the market. Therefore, manufacturers should always focus a good deal of effort on the innovation of such packaging. Keeping in mind the current trends in packaging development and investing in how best to incorporate them into your merchandise is a great strategy to keep consumers engaged and loyal to the brand, thus ensuring a good positioning of your business in the competitive market.



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