Robô Paletizador

  • Tipo de embalagem: Paletizador
  • Máximo de ciclos por minuto: Paletização
  • Capacidade Máxima de produção: 68 / 136 pacotes/minuto em pista dupla / Chapatex


Developed on solid steel frame treated with electrostatic paint, and materials with high quality selected to a minimum wear, beyond of minimize the lubrication points.
The project has dimensionals that soften the movements of products, and a head that catch and move in harmonious way and with low accelerations. With total versatility in palletization process the articulated arm has 4 angles of work moved by servo motor and controlled by a central system (CLP). With a good load capacity and high speed, the robots constitute a new option to the palletization process in various products in reduced spaces. The setups to the different types of palletization can be done quickly through the controller unit. The reliability and the facility of maintenance ensure to the customer a great income on your investment.


• Pneumatic connections and internal wiring in all, providing maximum reliability

• Vertical reach 3024mm

• Horizontal reach 3159mm

• Repetibilidade +/- 0,5mm

• Maximum speed 85º/s

• Tool of layer with central opening rollers

• Reduced and simplified maintenance operations (Motion transmission of chain and self lubricating bearings)

• Low noise

• Modular construction, Big accessibility and complete visibility of the production cycle

• Graphic display to programming the phase modification of parameters

• Control panel in touch screen

• Protections of accidents prevention according to the regulations CE