Embaladora Overlap EC XC

  • Série/Modelo: EC XC
  • Tipo de embalagem: Overlap - Sem Barra de selagem
  • Máximo de ciclos por minuto: 35
  • Capacidade Máxima de produção: 70 pacotes/minuto em pista dupla
  • Opcionais: Cartão - Bandeja - Empilhador


High technology aligned with the low maintenance cost. Automatic, packs with shrinkable term film (low density polyethylene – PEBD) without sealing bar. Have capacity to rotate from 15 to 70 packages per minute, with high level of efficiency and quality, beyond from easy change of formats. It can have as additional the card and also the tray.


• Pellicle thickness: From 40 to 100 microns

• Maximum diameter of the bobbin: 500mm

• Maximum width of the bobbin: 640mm

• Speed from 15 to 70 packages per minute

• Easy and simple access to the change of format

• Sliding protective doors

• Motorization with servomotors without brushless

• Low noise

• Modular construction, Big accessibility and complete visibility of the production cycle

• Graphic display to programming the phase modification of parameters

• Control panel in touch screen

• Protections of accidents prevention according to the regulations CE