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Medio & Mensagem’s editorial team listed ten advertisers who, through 2018, have been able to excel in their advertising communications, whether through the use of different channels, the content of the approaches or the initiatives that have generated repercussions. Check the list below (the brands appear in alphabetical order):


The growth of financial startups has brought a positive movement for the industry by pushing the big banks to invest in innovation. And in 2018, Bradesco was one of the protagonists of this movement launching, in February, Inovabra Habitat, merger of innovation hub with accelerator, in São Paulo. The actions of the brand also reflected this moment. In August, the campaign created by Publicis, with the concept “try the future today” presented to the public the BIA – artificial intelligence system of the bank. The action is emblematic for materializing Bradesco Artificial Intelligence, a project that has been developed since 2014 in partnership with Watson, IBM. In addition to the issues related to innovation, the brand included in its communication the reflection on social issues with the video “Redefining the intolerance”, also created by Publicis, in which children gave their definitions on bullying, racism and discrimination. Bradesco also announced in November its new brand and sponsorship of Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo show in an action created by Leo Burnett Tailor Made.

Burger King

The Burger King, serviced by David, was noted as an irreverent brand. And this trait is always clear in his actions. Within this history of capacity to viralizar, the year 2018 will occupy a prominent role in the history of the network. In an electoral period of the most divided in the history of the country, few brands dared to bring the political discussion to its communication. The most emblematic case was the “White Whooper”. The film initially shown in the run-up to the penultimate first round debate pointed to the need to have a voting option. The repercussion was so relevant that the brand unfolded the conversation when it launched, in November, a post dealing with the differences between opinion and prejudice. The year of the brand, however, did not only breathe politics. He had the “Easter Whooper,” a chocolate sandwich that was actually a lie-of-the-day joke. And the classic provocations to the main competitor. One of them, in November, took advantage of Enem’s hook to say that McDonald’s threw Veggie snacks and Picanha late.


In April 2018, Coca-Cola defined the winners of Fan Feat, a festival that involved several artists and a campaign promotion dynamic created by J. Walter Thompson. On the occasion, the winners Pabllo Vittar, Simone and Simaria and Luan Santana released the clip Hasta La Vista. At the beginning of April, CocaCola had already developed a partnership with Pabllo Vittar at the launch of the Indestructible clip. At the time, the brand reactivated the concept “This Coca is Fanta”, created by David last year and used punctually for employees, and this time included in action for guests for the show to release the clip of Pabllo. In addition to the onslaught of music, the year of Coca-Cola was also marked by discussions related to harmony. Still in July, in a campaign set up by David, the brand underscored the positive values ​​behind the house rules. Also in July, during the Russian Cup, the brand, sponsor of the tournament, came first in souvenir of football fans in an eCGlobal survey. The year ends with the return of the polar bears in a campaign developed by David and the consolidation of the digital account of the Coca-Cola Company in WMcCann.


Tomato, sugar, vinegar, salt, onion and natural aroma. The ingredients used by Heinz to make its ketchup – the flagship of its line of condiments – were also the mainspring of a marketing strategy that had in Africa the creative pole that allowed the company to try out new flavors in 2018. After bringing it forward of the packaging the list of ingredients of the product, the brand extrapolated the concept of giving visibility to its formula, setting up in the city of Boituva, in São Paulo, a 4,500 m² replica of the ketchup label. At Instagram, Heinz toyed with his followers by delivering sandwiches to those who photographed with the hashtag #foodporn in a region of São Paulo. It was also in the digital environment that the brand entered the controversy of ketchup in pizza, collecting the opinions of those who defend and who rejects the combination in order to finally say that it is released using the condiment, instituting the National Ketchup Day at Pizza. To diversify the palate, Heinz has further boosted its portfolio by launching a version of ketchup in the caramelized bacon & onion flavor.

For a long time using cosmetics and products as elements to promote self-esteem and appreciation of inner beauty, Natura has taken major steps towards this concept in 2018. From a creative point of view, the brand has dressed green models and personalities in the commercial “Be the that is, “created by Africa, where women of different bodies and ages wore bathing suits and bikinis to show that they were all ready for the summer. The action was further complemented by Paolla Carosella and Gaby Amarantos stamping magazine covers and advocating the causes of freedom and self-acceptance. Also this year, the brand demystified the universe of influencers by promoting, in a Tribal Worldwide action, meetings between beauty experts and young people from other universes, highlighting how the makeup can reflect the personality of each one. Although focused, he did not leave aside the masculine universe by promoting the installation of changing rooms in men’s restrooms in restaurants in five Brazilian capitals. In February, in an unprecedented partnership, Natura, DPZ & T and TV Globo created a branded content action, aired on Spectacular Sports to promote Kaiak Aero.

With original content production practically on an industrial scale, Netflix has the challenge of overcoming its own creativity to communicate to the public the news of the menu. In March, to present the series The Mechanism, he opened the Corruption Shop at the Brasilia airport – a space where he wore electronic anklets and briefs with dollars. The creation was from Lew’Lara \ TBWA. The same agency played a joke the following month with singer Sandy and hashtag #EscolhiEsperar, who spoke to the public to resist the temptation to seek out other streamings and wait for the debut of the second season of the hit A Casa de Papel on the platform. At Halloween, the platform turned to Spoiler Blonde, a profile that revealed the endings of people’s favorite series on social networks – something feared by streaming users. The creation was from DPZ & T. Despite the humor, the platform also knows how to speak seriously, as it did in the video Strong Black Lead, which brought together actors, directors and black actors of their productions to celebrate diversity in Hollywood.

Old Spice
It was the time when P & G’s Old Spice brand deodorant commercials boiled down to those starring actor Terry Crews. Known for its youthful communication, the brand served by Wieden + Kennedy created, in December, what they called the “first infinite film” with several commercials within other commercials. The video was aired for 14 uninterrupted hours on the Wooho channel and for eternity on the action site. But it is deceiving who thinks that it is only of gringas actions that lives the Old Spice. In Brazil, the brand is one of the most investing in eSports and has held several games tournaments, among them, in May, the HearthStone Old Spice Tournament, in partnership with IGN. With a prominent presence in Brazil Game Show 2018, the brand reinforced its position with the young public. In Brazil since 2014, Old Spice had already started in 2017 a new phase of actions focused on influencers, at the time, even made a 48-hour live on Facebook.

From success stories, the world of entrepreneurship is full, but for Santander to choose one of its new ambassadors was something done in detail. Rick Chester, a former bricklayer, general service assistant, janitor and water seller on the beach, has become an internet phenomenon when recording motivational videos for entrepreneurs. His success led him to lecture at Harvard and to be chosen to debut in September as a poster boy for Santander’s bank microcredit project. A month earlier, the brand was entering a new phase, working with Y & R after years of partnership with Talent Marcel. The first campaign with the new agency was a version of the positioning “What can we do for you today?” In November, the bank brought presenter Fausto Silva to announce his Black Week on the occasion of the Black Friday in a campaign created by Suno. In addition, Santander inaugurated the Santander Lighthouse in January, in the old Banespa building revitalized in a space that combines culture and innovation.

A few years ago, Mars’ Snickers chocolate brand bets on the “you’re not you when you’re hungry” concept in which people deal with unusual situations on an empty stomach. Actions of the type were already performed in 2017 with singer Luan Santana and player Neymar. In 2018, with the theme of the Russian Cup, the brand used the traditional rivalry between Brazilians and Argentines in football to put former Brazilian player Ronaldo Phenomenon in a video in which he is caught cheering for Argentina in a friendly against Spain, in Madrid. But after eating a piece of Snickers, Ronaldo kills his hunger and returns to normal, getting annoyed with the move in favor of the Argentine team. The campaign is a creation of AlmapBBDO and was the first time that the agency has created globally for the brand. In April, Snickers renewed another action, from 2017, also taking advantage of the football climate and stamping 24 terms in its packaging like “fominha”, “withered ball” and “cold feet.

Of the dozens of commercials related to soccer and the Brazilian national team, during the Russian Cup, that of striker Gabriel Jesus for Vivo, in a Y & R campaign, was one of the most recalled. The athlete’s relationship with his mother and the connections he made when he was away inspired the movie “Meu Jeito”. The campaign had high repercussion in social networks, since Vivo, sponsor of the selection, also had a very strong performance in digital. In addition to the Cup, in July, presenter Xuxa starred in the movie “In what time do you live?”, Also created by Y & R for the My Vivo self-service application. In the commercial, the singer Ivete Sangalo presents the features of the app questioning in which time Xuxa lives, the same campaign also had Preta Gil and the actor Marco Pigossi. In August, the brand continued the 4G + Family Plans campaign with the film “The Hound”, created by DPZ & T, in which a mature couple is surprised by an unexpected pregnancy.

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