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In an event held in São Paulo, Johnson & Johnson detailed the changes the company made in its most iconic brand: Johnson’s Baby. The move began at the company’s home market, the US, and was first-hand reported by Media & Message following global CMO interview, Alison Lewis, to M & M editor-in-chief Jonas Furtado during Cannes Lions in June. Now the details came. André Mendes, CEO of J & J Brasil, highlighted the company’s 85th anniversary in Brazil, where it is present in eight out of ten homes. “And today we will redefine quality and purity in baby products,” he said. The Johnson’s Baby line, which will start reaching the market in January, had formulation changes, packaging and the organization of products at the point of sale, which is now separated into gondolas by age and development stage of children. Everything was done based on 26,000 interviews around the world with caregivers, parents and mothers, the great conclusion being that the two most expensive factors to them are quality and safety. Fabiana Gargaro, vice president of R & D, says that 90% of the ingredients are now natural in origin and the products do not contain sulfates and even colorants (the colors are for the new packaging designed by J & J’s design studio in New York, being that a complete remodeling of the jars had not happened since 1973). In addition, the lotions have a dry touch, to leave no residue on the baby’s skin, and both they and shampoos and soaps have soft fragrances.

Biggest investment in 2019

José Cirilo, J & J’s marketing director, points out that the company can not open specific brands, but guarantees that Johnson’s Baby will receive double the investment in 2019. The line in Brazil has been gaining market share for two and a half years and objective is to continue being one of the company’s growth levers in the country. In advertising, the new brand will be born along with the New Year: the first film, starring pregnant women, will be released on December 31 and the second, with the babies and the message “Happy Year Johnson’s” begins to be displayed on the 1st of January of 2019. In addition to the two commercials created by DM9, another institutional one about the new positioning of the brand – “Purity that Inspires” – will also be transmitted (this made by the global). The digital continues to receive attention from J & J: “For parents millenials, online is increasingly relevant,” said Cirilo. For them, J & J also created their first artificial intelligence, christened Jojô, whose goal is to help answer the questions of parents at all times in their babies’ lives and, on the other hand, to make the platform evolve by learning from them. Currently, 30% of J & J’s investments are in digital.

Source: Media & Message

Available at: http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/marketing/2018/10/09/jj-apresenta-nova-johnsons-baby.html

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