Encaixotadora WA

  • Série/Modelo: WA
  • Tipo de embalagem: Wrap-Around com aplicação de cola
  • Máximo de ciclos por minuto: 80
  • Capacidade Máxima de produção: 80 caixas/minuto
  • Opcionais: Lubrificação automática


Modern, these machines have the capacity to absorb various formats of packages and types of products. The line of the Case Packer WA is composed by several machines that can be adapted to products of various sectors.


• Detachment by a suction cup, rubberized conveyor belt or a vacuum

• Magazine up to 700 boxes

• Glue system Hot-Melt up to 15kg

• Speed up to 80 packages per minute

• Easy and simple access to the change of format

• Sliding protective doors

• Motorization with servomotors without brushless

• Continuous separation system

• Reduced and simplified maintenance operations (Motion transmission of chain and self lubricating bearings)

• Low noise

• Modular construction, Big accessibility and complete visibility of the production cycle

• Graphic display to programming the phase modification of parameters

• Control panel in touch screen

• Protections of accidents prevention according to the regulations CE